Painfully Awkward

Sorry for the delay. School and other stuff has been taking up all of my brain space. I have some great ideas for posts, but you’ll see them in due time (: In an attempt to not do school work today (I’ll probably still end up doing it anyways), I decided to share a painfully awkward experience with you all. Hopefully this first post will lead to a series of painfully awkward posts, as I have plenty to share. Don’t we all?

(I shared this online last year, but here it goes again.)

One morning, my brother invited me to go to the beach with him and his friends. My first mistake was saying “yes”. Why would I go to the beach with my younger brother whose friends are straight dumb? I mean, the kids he has always hung out with are the type of losers who cuss out girls, smoke a hella ton of weed, and think that “suping-up” their second hand rinky-dink cars to sound like a garbage truck with a radiator problem is cool. I shouldn’t have ever decided to go to the beach with them if I was hoping to get a relaxing morning of tanning.

We get to the beach at Hamlet, which is an access in Carolina Beach, NC. It’s notorious for having losers like my brother’s friends hanging around. It’s like 10am at this point and no one is at the beach, which is good news because that’s less people for my brother and his friends to piss off. I’m not really good at get-aways, so I was trying to avoid any conflict where I’d have to run to the car and hope I didn’t get hit by anything in the process. Irrational thought? You don’t know them very well, but the cops do.

I am standing there in my bathing suit amongst my brother and one or two of his friends. The rest were going to meet up soon. I asked where I should put my towel. They walked to two empty laid out towels on the beach and set their stuff down, saying I could lay out there as that’s where their friends were going to be. So, I lay out my towel next to the two empty ones and my brother’s friends’ stuff and start relaxing. These two girls walk up to the towels and lay down while talking. At the time, I had surface hip piercings (coolest thing I’ve ever done) and the girls inquired about them. I made small talk and said I was just with my brother and his friends. I asked if they knew my brother and they said no, so I assumed they knew the guys he was with. At this point, there were a few more brats that joined my brother’s pack and they were standing around. I asked if they knew any of them and they said no.

Standing up and walking to my brother, I got extremely confused. I asked him if he knew the girls I was laying out with. He said no and his friends didn’t know them either. They had only set their stuff out with their towels. For what reason? Who knows. So I had just laid out next to two total strangers, inches from their towels, invading their beach space. I mean, the whole beach was open and I laid right next to them. How weird did that make me look? I was too embarrassed to go back to my towel, so I just stood around with my brother and his friends, trying to not look like I was a part of their group. Why didn’t these girls ask me wtf I was doing? Why didn’t they say, “Umm… excuse me?” I know I would’ve! How embarrassing!

While throwing the baseball, one of my brother’s friends throws it too hard and it rolls and hits one of the girls in the head. I had a look of shock on my face and I put my hand over my mouth hoping that they wouldn’t freak out. They stood up and one of the guys ran to her and apologized in their cocky little way while trying to flirt. Ugh. Disgusting. The girls grabbed their towels and walked farther up the beach, leaving all of our stuff behind. I was so mad at my brother and his friends for doing that to me, but they swore they thought it was their friends’ towels. So stupid. Why did I go with them? I don’t remember what happened afterward, besides going home and feeling super weird and like a total loser.

Yet, I’m not super embarrassed about it anymore. Life is too short to dwell on those moments that randomly pop up in your head and make you feel like a super weirdo because you were super awkward at one time. I don’t know who those girls were and they don’t know who I am, so why worry about it? They were probably tourists- or “terrorists”, as we like to say in Wilmington- and I don’t give a hot dang what they thought. Still, it was an awkward situation and, unfortunately, that’s definitely not even close to the tip of the iceberg in awkward moments that I have yet to tell.

Stay tuned for awkward stories that may just put yours to shame. Actually, I don’t know about that. I randomly got a text message, obviously I was the wrong recipient, pertaining to an incident where someone ruined their friend’s car seat after eating Indonesian food and the details were pretty terrible. So, if you were that person, that must’ve felt pretty awkward on your end! Thanks for the great story! Otherwise, yeah, this is about to get awk-weird.

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